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  1. create rough sketches etc.

02. PRELUDEarrow

This is a project that I wanted to do for a while now and this is the second time I started working on it. The first was 6 months ago when I wanted to do this project with a friend. Both green as grass and no clue on programming it quickly ended, but a month later I got hired at a company called Engine Software and they make DS games. So now I guess my best bet is to create this design doc in my own time and try to see if they care to send it up to a publisher hoping on actually starting and finishing this project.

The Base concept is a free roaming game. You’re a human who is stranded on a strange world and there are clear signs of some sort of event that happened a while ago. There are objects scattered all over the place, abandoned houses, radio’s blasting static, etc. The only way to find out the truth is to investigate what happened by inspecting  documents, digital files on PDA’s and find clues in various places and this all in a world that is not totally abandoned. While the inhabitants have disappeared, the animal life that inhabited this planet did not and not all are fuzzy and harmless.


03. STORYarrow

In another universe around the time of the extinction of man



For the art direction I envision the game as a side scroll platform, with smart tricks to achieve depth in the space behind and in front our character. Maybe the environment is 3d and the characters are 2d sprites, all seamlessly blended in a correlating art style. The Top screen shows the player world. The Bottom screen shows the user interface with tabs that switch between various modes. This screen is also used for things like intercom links, and to visualize a way to link energy networks in order to open up a door to name an example.


    The style of the game is a mix of realism with chibi like characters. They have to be recognizable from a distance; therefore exaggeration of proportions is key. The silhouettes all have to be recognizable in small pixel form in order to be clearly recognized.

    The environments will have a more realistic look, with more believable lighting. Note: it has to be made sure that character, objects and environments can still coexist in the same game without the cut and paste feeling. Thus a harmony must be sought after in the overall game style. Maybe keeping the textures on the character realistic but still keep the proportions comical.

    For this, various art test’s have to be done before a decision is made.


    I envision for the local architecture to have a weird alien nomad feeling, without any of its nomad traits. I seek a feel of survival instinct for its inhabitants which should be displayed trough the housing style. Each civilian type house should be self suppliant; Storing their own water and food, rendering the need for local markets useless. Each family hunts their own food, seeks their own water and gathers their own materials.

    The inhabitants are tribal in life but still use technological advanced equipment. They made peace with their surrounding and make sure they do not destroy it. Thus each house is made from core materials, earth, wood, and stone, but enhanced with technology.


    cultural design is an important factor in the this game style. Since the player has to feel like its on an alien planet

05. SETTINGarrow

The setting of this game is still a bit vague. I haven’t put much thought about it. At the moment I am thinking about a planet with a crashed ship on it, maybe on a planet with huge sinkholes, partly filled with water and underwater caves and reefs.


03. STORYarrow

A long time ago there once was a race of apples